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Studio Hire is available on an hourly basis for those who do not have glass making equipment at home and who want to practice their skills.  The price stated is per hour. 

  Please note:

a)  studio hire requires self direction so you need to have had a some glass experience.  I am happy to show you how to use any of the equipment - but the price does not include tuition. 

b)  Consumables and power for kiln firings are not included in this rate - these are additional.  Consumables are any materials used in the glass making process eg. thin fire paper, glass in any form, wax, fibre paper, kiln wash, etc - these will be charged separately or you are welcome to bring your own materials.

c)  Oxygen from the concentrator, and lpg, is included in the price, but tank oxygen is not

The hourly charge includes tea, coffee, milk, sugar and the use of the following equipment:


- one 20 cu ft casting kiln, front opening, internal approx 40sq x 90 cm high
- one fusing kiln, clamshell opening - internal space 1 m x 80cm
- one beadmaking/fusing kiln - internal 35 cm x 18cm

Coldworking equipment:

- One 24” diametre flat lapidiary machine
- diamond hand pands ranging from 80 to 800 grit
- diamond canvas pads ranging from 80 to 400 grit
- two MXD canvas pads for finishing
- one Dremel with 10 x 120 grit engraving tips, 10 x 240 grit engraving tips, 1 x 6cm cut off wheel,  diamond drill tip, and various other diamond tips.
- one diamond saw able to cut to a thickness of 6 - 7 cm
- one angle grinder with 80 - 400 grits
- float glass sheets and detergent for loose silicone carbide grinding
- floor standing sandblaster

Casting equipment

- casting kiln as above
- 2 wall paper steamers and steam chamber
- lots of Silicone trays for wax
- electric hob with 2 elements for wax heating
- pots for wax heating and boiling
- wax carving tools
- various silicone spoons and ladles for wax
- brulee torch
- sieves
- levellers
- knives
- plastic buckets
- mixing bowls

Flameworking/Lampworking equipment

- bead kiln as above
- one Carlisle mini cc oxy/gas torch for soft glass
- one Hothead tanked oxy/gas torch for borosilicate
- graphite marvers
- various shaping and raking tools
- lampworking kevlar gloves
- Didymium glasses x 2
- rod holders
- torch lighters


- hand held gas torch
- disposable Gloves
- Glass scorers
- running pliers
- grozing pliers
- mosaic cutters
- strip cutter
- wheel circle cutter
- frit sifters
- cutting mat
- kiln posts
- kiln dams
- Haiku brush for kiln wash
- safety glasses
- Dust masks
- dust respirator
- various fine paint brushes
- Kevlar kiln gloves
- Fire suit

Studio hire is available on Weds, Thursdays and Fridays but it does depend on whether I have tours or other classes on.   Saturday mornings are also sometimes available - it just depends what is happening on the home front with family!   

Please contact me on jo@jotrickerglass.com or on 0274 621655 if you would like to book some studio hire.  

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