Jo Tricker: Glass Art Gallery

This is a small selection from some of Jo's series - more are available from Jo's stockists or direct from the studio. All art works are made using the essential elements of heat and gravity.

Cinderflower's Shoe

Unlike Cinderella, Cinderflower's shoe is not pure glass - but it is embellished with glass flowers and leaves in the hope that not all is impossible - and that all wishes will come true.

Alice in Wonderland's Goblets

Inspired by my children and their ability to see things without judgement or pre-conception. Love you both! xx

Woven in Light

Bowls, Platters and plates

The 'Woven in Light' series is inspired by my grandmother's weaving.  I grew up in Auckland and my granny lived on Frederick Street in Hillsborough - a street which runs along the cliff above Hillsborough Bay (funnily enough, the next bay around is called "grannys Bay").  My gran had a very large floor loom that she made blankets, throws, wall hangings, table mats and all sorts on - and I have very fond memories of watching her feet on the pedals and the weft and warp dancing with the shuttle - the end result being evenly woven works of art!  As a little girl i thought it was all pretty magical!   Her loom was based in a large shed in her garden - which was also a work of art with pathways that wound their way down towards the cliff.  All of my extended family have items woven by Gran and they are very treasured pieces. 

Pebble bowls


For the Love of Flowers

Decorative centrepieces for the table

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination."
Henry David Thoreau

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