Jo Tricker: Artist, Designer and Glassmaker

Where Science and Art Meet!

"I am fascinated by glass - by its ability to transform itself from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid again! For me it is the endless fascination of where science and art meet."

I am a glassmaker who makes original, non-generic works of art out of glass!  I do not blow glass - my works are handmade using kilnforming and flameworking techniques and serve both functional and decorative purposes.  

I am inspired by colour and pattern as well as my children, family history, books, dance, travelling and the stunning country of New Zealand where I live.

I love my job and I am passionate about what I do!

My History

My glass story started with my first job (way back in the mid eighties!) when I did an apprenticeship in Medical Laboratory Technology. I loved science - especially biology - and way before the industry was mechanised - I got to play with test tubes, petri dishes, glass slides and pipettes - measuring and mixing liquids and chemicals, and spending a lot of time looking down a microscope!

Fast forward through the next 22 years by which time I had done a three year OE, and studied and worked in the other loves of my life - English literature and Design. After arriving at the door of my first Mosaic workshop I was eventually led to a mosaic conference in Hobart, Tasmania. It was here that I heard a presentation by a sculptor who made life sized birds - some with a wing span of 5 metres in length - and each wing was decorated with kilnformed glass feathers!

Jo Tricker
"Knowing comes from doing."

I was fascinated and hooked - and after nine years my fascination has not ended! My career has come full circle to encompass my love of science and art - glass is the junction where both loves meet!

So if you are looking for something different - that combines science and art  - then please keep clicking through my website.


I have two apprenticeships in Medical Laboratory Technology, a Degree in English and Linguistics, a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages, and a Certificate in Graphic Design. I have completed master classes in kilnforming and flameworking - learning from both local and international glass artists.  If you would like to see more of my Bio, please click here

Glass Videos

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