Glass Blog from the Studio Dog

"Oh you are a glass blower?"

Well its been quite a while since i wrote my fur-blog hasn't it?  

This month has been crazy - Mrs has been giving lots of flameworking lessons, and planning for the summer months and making new works for New Zealand Sculpture on Shore!

Speaking of making - did you know that one of the most common questions Mrs gets when she introduces herself as a glass artist is "do you blow glass."   

At the risk of sounding perverse, she doesn't! - But this is a valid question given that the majority of people only know about glassblowing.  There are many other glass genres and the main two that Mrs does is Kilnforming and Lampworking (also known as Flameworking).

Kilnforming involves using the heat of a kiln and molds to form and shape glass.   Lampworking involves melting glass in the flame of a torch - that uses LPG and Oxygen as its source.   Both of these genres have many, many different techniques and are just as challenging and exciting as glass blowing!

If you want to know more, head over to the shop page on this website and book yourself in to "Glass-sperience" - a 60 minute tour that Mrs does to illustrate all of these different techniques.

See you next - I'm off to bask in the sun before the rain comes again!



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