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Cat in the House!

Hmm - this week wasn't so great either!  Master is annoyed with me - again!!

Mrs wakes up at 4am hearing a cat.  She said it was very loud but she didnt' think much of it!  She went back to sleep.

(Despite it being really loud - as in like, not just Mrs but the whole family heard it - I didn't hear A THING!)

Then at about 5.45 am young Master C comes in to Mrs and Master's room and says "there's a cat in my room" (which is kind of weird cos we don't have one of those fluffy things in this house!).   Next minute this cat jumps on Mrs and Master's bed and Mrs says "where the hell did that come from?"  

I'm still in my basket - didn't hear A THING!

Front door gets opened.  Cat gets put outside.  Apparently it was the neighbour's cat.  Not sure how it got in.  

But I didn't know this, cos i was still in my basket not hearing A THING!  Feel like at this point i should make you aware that i was VERY tired from a whole day of playing yesterday.  A whole day - not just half a day!

Anyway, not long after Mrs goes downstairs to get some washing.   All we hear is "OMG!!!"  

Turns out cat must have come in downstairs through the garage door when it was open and forgot to go out again.  I mean - really??   Then it spent all night trying to get out and in the process ripped every single net curtain off the windows in its mad endeavours.   

Master goes down stairs and is not very impressed, as now his engineering machines are exposed to the public - through the now naked windows! 

He returns to the kitchen and starts the same tirade again with Mrs about me being a cat in dog's clothing and how i'm just a princess and "why does that dog not HEAR ANYTHING?". This time he goes on and on for much longer. 

Think Mrs felt sorry for me as she just said to Master "that's your payback for not letting me have cat!"  She then pointed out that I do chase the wild cats out the back of the studio - but kindly omitted that I have been scratched by them wild things at least three times despite being warned about the risk of nose damage.   

Oh well, tomorrow's another day! 


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