Glass Blog from the Studio Dog


Terrible week really.  Master accused me of being a cat in dog's clothing.  All because of those damn rabbits.   He keeps dragging me outside in the morning and pointing at the silly fluffy things sitting on the front lawn.   Like what does he want me to do - chase them or something?  They don't even move!  So then Master does this half run/walk down the front steps - getting closer to the rabbits and waving his arms and me and then back at the rabbits.  

Looked pretty silly if you ask me.   I wasn't going to make a fool of myself - did the wise thing and stayed put for a bit.  Then I decided I might as well go back inside and get back in my basket where its warm.

Next minute Master comes back in and bleats to Mrs about how useless i was and how we should have got a cat!  I mean, really!   Why would you wanna chase something that doesn't move?

That's why i go to the studio with Mrs - life's a lot less complicated there!


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