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Glass Blog: from the studio Dog

Can you believe Mrs lost her lunch bag the other day!   Master goes on about me being a cat in dogs clothing, but Mrs is a sieve head in academic clothing!   She searched for it about three times, muttering under her breath that she was going mad and insane.  (I was keeping quiet on that one...!).   All morning she still couldn't find it so she ends up going across the road and buying something cheap at the lunch bar.  A week later she finds it on the...

May 21, 2018

Glass Blog: from the Studio Dog

Hmm - this week wasn't so great either!  Master is annoyed with me - again!! Mrs wakes up at 4am hearing a cat.  She said it was very loud but she didnt' think much of it!  She went back to sleep. (Despite it being really loud - as in like, not just Mrs but the whole family heard it - I didn't hear A THING!) Then at about 5.45 am young Master C comes in to Mrs and Master's room and says "there's a cat in my room" (which is kind of weird cos we don't have one of those fluffy things...

May 16, 2018

Glass Blog from the Studio Dog

Terrible week really.  Master accused me of being a cat in dog's clothing.  All because of those damn rabbits.   He keeps dragging me outside in the morning and pointing at the silly fluffy things sitting on the front lawn.   Like what does he want me to do - chase them or something?  They don't even move!  So then Master does this half run/walk down the front steps - getting closer to the rabbits and waving his arms and me and then back at the rabbits.&nb...

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